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Unlike others who do not give you a clue to costs, we are up-front…including here.
Although there will need to be a conversation on what your expectations/needs are, generally (depending on complexity) costs for a KLM Security consultant will be approximately $200-$250 per hour, plus any at-cost expenses.
As an example of time/costs involved, a security camera project cost for a detailed review with multiple recommendations to a 400-acre university was $10,000.  Your costs could be much different based on size of property, number of buildings, types of buildings (laboratories versus offices), contents, type of property access (public versus private), location (urban versus suburban), etc.
For your budgeting, we can provide ball-park estimates (free/quick) or firm estimates (may require site visit).
We have experienced that once a project is started, many of our clients tend to create scope-creep which adds costs.  Being upfront prior to budget finalization, before the project starts we will forewarn you of other areas that you may want to consider (scope-creep) so that there will not be a budget-buster surprise due to things you may not have considered.  Again, we treat others how we would want to be treated.